Reel Big Fish


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Everytime i try so hard i get
Nothin' (nothin')
They say try and you won't fail, i
Get nothin' (nothin')
I did all that i could i got nothin'
I tried so hard, for nothin' (nothin')
I never wanted it that way, guess
There was nothin' i could say
I don't know what i want. but i know
I don't want this
I give up, i give in, i know i'm
Never gonna win
I know it's really not your fault
I'm gonna blame you anyway
You say you're sorry, but i know it
Won't do no good
I give up, i give in, i knowi'm
Never gonna win.
I don't $#&%!# care, i don't
$#&%!# care
I don't $#&%!# care anymore
It's gonna be all right
Cause i don't $#&%!# care anymore.

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