Nothin' 2 Lose

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Every day is test so all we do is smoke weed and crack brews
Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose
There comes a time in your life that get trife
And you're forced to pay dues
Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose
Every day is a test so all we do is smoke weed and crack brews
Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose
I seen it all and can't afford to fall so for all wack crews
Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose
What I got to lose when my pops is gone
So many of my peeps died that my heart been torn
Too much pressure, stress ya, that's why I'm a young ass man
Grippin the trigga and not afraid to let my gun blast
My bitch rather die than snake, that is some snake shit to shoot 'em
Real niggas that know they must salute 'em
I try to hold my head, and keep on losing my grip
But things aint legit, my moms passed that shit
Here I am, 20 years old tryin to make it in a material world
Controlled by cash and gold
Criminals schemin if they aint servin ya, they herbin ya
But I keep heat, cuz the streets told me to murder ya
I got some shit in the stash for your ass
That'll make a mathematician need a computer for the aftermath
Since you wake it's too scary G, but it don't worry me
Always wonderin if some fool out plottin to bury me
Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose, you know the Hill Street Blues
Make my people wanna flip, and fade they clips to eat
See we wit nothing to prove have Nothing 2 Lose
Never let a chump step on your black leather shoes
I see my guns'll rip, slain in the massacre
I'll see his brains,
Shoud I be grippin steel,
Now let them hollow point slugs make you jump in the field
Where it's real, we still walk up and dump, nigga
So my man, if you can understand the shit that we sent you
It's from the government set ups and shit that we been through
It's ghetto education, simple and plain
Some facts that keep me aware and ahead of the game
If the ghetto mentality keep you wildin G, then I aint mad at ya
Still hittin for my people in Clinton and Attica
The code of the street is to get deep
And to let 'em know you lettin go your heat, Salute