No Time For Revolution

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No Time
No time for revolution
No time for revolution
Elutions for dath romance could breakup the bugs
You go on makin' sense
Back in the sixties: they standed there
"Fight, fight for the dreams, fight for the right"
In the seventies: follow, follow to go over to the place
So went to San Francisco, somewhere far out the space
In the eighties: I don't know, some did it for the money,
some did it for the showThere's no time
No time to remember these days
No time to hold back in that size
We don't have no time, no time, no time ...
No time for revolution (4 times)In the nineties: there's a soul called those generation
for who is in charge for this situation and this station
about politicians, no embitions - tell me what's the vision
To be a winner, is never ever mather of how,
political correctness is the word of now
The spirit of the money is the sound of the time
There's something coming up to change your mindThere's no time ...