Nick Lowe

Not Too Long Ago

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We used to go out to parties and shows
Back when she really really loved me so
Then he came along like a stormy sea

Not too long ago
Now she don't love me anymore

And we would walk 'neath the tall oak tree
Talking 'bout how happy how happy we would be
Then he came along like a devil in disguise

Not too long ago
Now I got tears in my eyes

She always said I was her world
And our love would never die
She always said we'd ever be as one
But she left flat, my heart to cry

Now I'm so lonely
Lonely and blue
'Cause there's nobody I can turn to

I just let her get away from me

Not too long ago
Now she don't want me anymore

Not too long ago
And now I'm in a misery

Not too long ago

I thought I had a true fine love
But I was wrong, wrong, so wrong

Cause I lost it
And now I feel the sting of bitter tears in my eyes
Salt water tears in my eyes

Cause I lost it
Not too long ago

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