Bon Jovi


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You can take back all your secrets
We´ll divide up all the lies
Keep all the pictures in their frames
Cut me out, yeah I´ll be fine
Tell the neighbours all my feelings
Go on and give away all my pride
It´s hard to laugh and cry, live and die every night
Keep your rolodex of friends
And all the remnants can be mind
I guess there´ll be no happy endings
When once upon is doing time
There´s a different kind of meaning now
To living on a prayer
Some don´t seem to notice
And the rest don´t seem to care
I tell myself I (feel no pain)
But I´m feeling the pain (walk away)
Can´t walk away
I´m hanging on the ropes of hope
It´s getting hard to cope you know
When you´re the needle running
through my veins
I´ve changed my name to novocaine
You put my favorite belongings in a box in the garage (let´s get this straight)
You burned my favorite sweats from high school
Tried to sell my muscle car (that´s not OK)
You´re mother´s gonna visit for a couple months this year
They say you do the crime, you do the time
It´s all so clear
Well things ain´t what they used to be
It´s a sleepless, self-help century
I´m up to here with Dr. Phil and the modern man in me
Novocaine [x3]