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Can't comprehend, dividends end friendships
Infinite kinships dismissed amidst dead presidents exist
Poor peeps is pissed, the rich benefit taxes
Passes all access lavish
Extracting cabbage from famished rabbits
Crime runnin' rampant attracting active young minds
Habit cash a magnet
Magnetising addicts havin' and who haven't ends
Back-stabbing friends
Women jockin' who got it, no Benz no yacht kid
Nah kid pockets get clocked kid before ya knock it, uh!
Nowadays we're raised to praise it, save it if phrase fits
Unappraised gaze enslaved by crave depraving shit
And yet we livin'
Sittin' within a world where greed has proceeded the act of
And it's a given
Nowadays it seems like we in the last phase, maybe it's me
Nowadays it seems like we in the last phase, could it be?
Sisters and brothers where's the love of one another
Discovering others of us dumber prejudice to colour, creed and
Driven hate within innocent children
Stop the killin', instil goodwill, we all be chillin', building
then seal it
Surrealist revealing since the wheel hit, hearts conceal it
When death hits other men how many feel it?
Envy alive and rising, hatred has mankind declining
Keep in mind when time ends
If orange as fossil findings, why then unkind when combined?
Vibin' peacefully is needful, regal or not, people created
Ain't no sequel
Believe to exist the positive needed
As evil retrieves negative energy and feeds it baby peep it
Life ain't twice a lifetime, dice rollin', survivin'
Confined in gunfire, crime thrivin', and babies whining
Narcotics, sirens, entwined Aids-related death findings
Eyeing lab mice with virus, mesmerising minds of science
Blood pressure rising, unwinding while sippin' what could be
Genocide's incog in spots we unlikely to find in
Combined with stress, sublime bottom line forming a hybrid
It's like, kid, you gotta fight it son
Weak lose and strong survive it
As pushers lure without a pause, what you diggin' digs in it's
Dimes on corners offer draws, the score's uneven
Leavin' me feelin' someone's cheatin'
What we teachin' in schools been used for the wrong reasons,
defeating the purpose