The Toy Dolls

Nowt Can Compare To Sunderland Fine Fare

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If you can't afford to spend a lot
and you're sick of the cost of livin,
you've got to do something but you dunno what,
just look what Fine Fare's givin,
prices that please you and me
it's cheaper than a Pakistani shop
oh now you know the place to go
to make you smile and grin,
so take a dare come to Fine Fare
and get your shoppin in
We've got the store, nowt can compare,
We've got the store for you.
We've got the store, Sunderland's Fine Fare,
We've got the store for you
This is the store for you..
Oh Prestos, Tescos, Asda Price
they're all so cccrap
the Fine Fare boys are much more nice
coz Fine Fare's got more class.
You'll save much more at the Fine Fare store
coz Fine Fare's fair to you
Oh now you know the place to go...

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