Obie Trice (Skit)

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Yeah, this is DJ Seven Deuce
of the Motown sounds on W-Down, ha ha
Give a big shout out to Runyan Ave.
and them Detroit players, y´knowhatImean?
And we gonna go to the phone lines right now
Caller my ass! You know who this is
Look I´m mad as hell
First you got Eminem, this nigga say he gon´ get me on his album
No show I didn´t get on it
Then he signed these niggaz D-12, these lil´ punk ass niggaz
Then all of a sudden I heard he signed a new motherfucker named
Obie Trice, first I took the underground over
The well-known asshole brought y´all horror
Then the industry start interestin me
Now I´m Shady Records like Marshall Mathers LP
Mr. Trice, the name has occured
in your conversation, but the face is a blur
And if you never spoke my name, nigga you heard
Got word, from that mega bitch that stay bootleggin
Underground since the Fu-Schnickens
Or underground since Chi-Ali was fuckin with them stupid bitches
Different species (AHHH!)
Shittin on you punk motherfuckers
with a Dirty Dozen type of feces