Obligatory Ballad

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Time was when I called you before we went to sleep
No matter where we were,
No matter the moment, no matter the time
Time was when the words we spoke were always true,
There was no need to lie or hide at that time the answers we knew,
There were no questions, there was no need, our love was there to be believed
But in time the passion seemed to appear so obligatory.

Time was when the moments seemed to last forever,
Time was when we never thought we would be anything but together,
Lonely people in separate rooms, lonely people with nothing to do,
Lonely people just like me and you, so predictable, so sadly true,
So sadly true, so obligatory,
Just like me and you, so obligatory, so obligatory.

If time will be a healer then time will be my friend
And in time the shadows lift and I can begin to live again,
But in the hollows of this aching heart remains a soul that was torn apart
And in time I will make a new start, oh so obligatory,
Learn to love again, oh so obligatory, so obligatory.
I will love again, so obligatory.

Once upon a time it was easy to say I love you, I love you,
I still love you, so obligatory,
It all became so obligatory