Ute Lemper


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Free. I am falling free
Like a strange fatigue, like the sea, or a wave taking me.

Time doesn't seem to move.
Standing still I prove that I'm done with everything.

Where is the end? I want life to breathe.
This life is too tight. The walls are moving in on me.

Taste on my face from blood and feathers. Music and love letters.
From the wasted days, nights, and from those wasted years.

Taste of those thousand mistakes. Adrenaline.
Bleeding lips. Pieces of skin. All forgotten. All lost.

Strange maidens in the dark leading me to part from this world
of my last and other lives.

Now when I touch your skin, doesn't feel like anything.
Did it ever mean anything?

Yesterday is foul like a melody's débouché.
This life is too trite. No loss. No sin. Where have I been?

Let go of everything. Let go of all the memories.
Let go of everything I love.

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