Abysmal Torment


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Visions of ivory smiles fill thy fantasy
Tight confines in the midst mouldy graves
Existence, the slumbering deathlike rest
Before the awakening on a higher plane
Waiting amongst the dead
In smouldering austere tombs
Still kindled by the flames
Of ageless patience waiting
For a breath of wisdom to ignite
This cannibal conflagration
Tearing its way through corpses
Cleaving carnality away in chunks
Tearing its way through corpses
Cleaving carnality away in chunks
Along with weak illusory remnants
Of ceaseless demise mistaken for life
Death inculcated in plain view
But none are able to perceive
Every last drop of blood falling
Into an ocean of pain called truth
Shall ever man disentangle reason?
From the everlasting wretched web
Of debased venerated absurdities
To which a myriad of slave minds
Lie ensnared for spiralling centuries
How can truth ever be known?
When even men's nature lies
As walking cadavers litter the earth
Abominations spreading like cancer
All dead to the eyes of those awoken
Wholly barren of any signs of life
Just claim ahead of what remains
Silent vacant sepulchres lie in wait
For the living dead walking the earth
Trudging endlessly towards the edge

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