John B.

Take Me Home

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Is this my big break?
Do you want me to get on the couch?
It's 4am I took you home
Drunk as hell and I want a bone

Shirt off bra off, what you gonna do?
Better move quick before I puke
If you can't perform I'll go back to the club
Don't waste my time when I want to fuck

Screw me at night and screw me in the morning
I'm a sex addict like 'me so horny'
Lick me up and lick me down
Show a good girl what it's about

Lets do things I've never done
If you're lucky I will cum
Champagnes roses diamonds pearls, I am not that kind of girl
I need it raw and I need it now

Punk rock sex I'll show you how
Bouncy matress sex theatrics
Dirty porn flicks hard and fast dicks
Video camera like Tom and Pamela

Dirty panties, Sid and Nancy
I've got the spins lets hit the skins
Safety pins and deadly sins
Don't know your name but bring the pain

Whips or chains lets go insane

Are you so hard? Do you need Viagra?
That's not my
That's my belly button genius