Lucky Soul

Our Heart

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Bones, ain't no flesh on this wreck of a wish, no escape from my fate I exist but that's it, without you, our heart.
Visions of you burnt on the back of my eyes, I can't use them I'm wretched and blind, reminded about you, our heart.
Fans of your beauty are hopeless and damned, in your arms I'm a ship upon land, helpless, breathless and blue, our heart.
So I've made excuses it's useless I know, but when you hold me and threat to let go, well the pain's almost too much too bear.
Swept up in a wave of inertia.
Don't go!
What have to return to but silence?
Empty, dreadful and true, our heart.
Baby, seems that our wings were clipped from the start.
Now resentment resides in my heart, forsaken without you, our heart.
Let your actions define you.
Your love was the dream I aspired to.
It's futile but you know I'm depending on you, our heart, our heart.

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