After Crying

Panem Et Circenses: Fun Fair Land Open

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Enjoy this Fun Fair Land tonight
Like hell you gotta be high
Don't touch the fence! It tends to bite!
Electric wire
You'll have to run you'll need to fight
Not sure you gonna survive
Don't ask the rules there is no law
It's time to make you free now

Sex and blood run on the screens
While sex and blood run on the streets

Anyone can hold a gun
Many kids are up to kill for fun

Walk through the gate of craziness
Merge in this crawling mass
Make love to all women you meet
You won't they'll flay you
This way you get to Promised Land
Or join a rock and roll band
Now pay the bill or sell your soul
It's time to make you free now

Get some tender slender love-lender girl!

You can enter for man-eating competition
You can kill yourself to get your recreation
In arenas you can fight your mates for life
You can always bomb a little town
When a migraine comes and gets you down
You can liquidate your unborn child

Long lines are at the Chopper Wheel
They throw in money with cheer
It grinds them all in burger meat
That's what you eat
Silk-stocking angels blaze around
Goats tear their bikinis down

It's Crimson Circus of the hell
Minds lost and many more shall
Big Time Salamanders eat the flames
Dance in the fire
Enjoy this Fun Fair Land, you fool
Do act as a marionette
Choke in this internet spiderweb marketing rule!