Fall Out Boy

Parker Lewis Can't Lose (But I'm Gonna Give It My Best Shot)

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you laughed at my affections while i passed by your direction
i should have known from your walk
it was the end of you
its not that i dont respect your opinion
your quick with lips just rip me apart
sometimes like this i've got a big mouth
and maybe you can handle shutting it up
a simple contradiction could shake my whole foundation
i'm taking back every step towards you
still failing at everything i do
in the meantime just talking to my shoes
converse with my Converse
at least they hear a word i say
and scrutinize it just as far as they can tell what i'm getting
you've twisted my tongue around my neck for the last time
but parker lewis can't lose
i'll spend my life trying to figure this all out
but this is the last song about you

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