Lucy Spraggan

The Waiting Room

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Never knew that I needed you
Until you just arrived
And I found a lifeline
In those big brown eyes
When you found something you liked
Well you gave it to me
Then you gazed out the window
Of my passenger seat

But nothing lasts forever I wish it did

I’d wait forever in this waiting room
Because I know I can’t leave here without you
I’d stay forever in this waiting room
But I know you can’t be here anymore

On my happiest of days
We would swim in the sea
And you knew you swam better
So you stayed close to me
In that single bed hotel
You slept on the floor and I watched you breathing
Couldn’t love you anymore

Then something inside you changed
The hair upon your head it turned to grey
And I could see you were in pain
Though if you could I know you’d never say

On the day the vet walked in
And told me it was time
I looked into your big brown eyes
And you looked back at mine

I loosened your collar
And I cried and I cried
And I thanked you for friendship
And your years by my side

I told you you were good
The best that there’d been
And I watched for your last breath
As you fell to your dreams