Personal Heaven

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For every bird that finds the sky,
for every hope that finds a home,
every creature in the sea -
it's all in me.

All the wishing in the world
that comes to something good,
every thought that should be free -
it's all in me.

The sun and the rain
that falls from above
My personal heaven
A word on the wind
with a whisper of love
My personal home

All in all, all in one

For every wish upon a star,
for every hand upon a heart,
for every eye thats lost a tear -
it's all in me

A flower taken from a dream,
given back to mother earth
to nourish everything you fear -
it's all in me


The seed that seals the future
is the love that gives love life
Oh, the answer to this story
is all in me

Oh oh, my personal heaven
Oh oh, my personal home

All in all, all in one