Phil And John 3

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(p) - "just a minute now... can anybody remembr one thing i tell them? you're
gona be stuck with your baby. ok, here we go!"
(j) - "what we're gonna do, play jazz with jetho tull?."
(p) - "no, elton john probably at the roxy"
(j) - "elton's a good friend of mine?"
(p) - "well, good, he's got the same name as you. only you spell it in the
front, he spell it on the we go!..."
And you both go the same we go!
(j) - "no, no, no, i refuse....elton's gonna die young...."
(p) - "remember the bass drum also... and the one after that, you know, the
ending....ok, here we go!",
(j) -"i'm gonna be a 90 year old guru"
(p) - "alright, good!",
(j) - "ha ha ha""
(p) - "ok, i'll make history, you make gurus, here we go!!"
(j) - "phil....i'm gonna write your history so be careful"
(?) - "one, two, three"

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