Plague Bell

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I think that this record is stuck
The dust in these grooves leave it blocked
It used to be sound as a bell
Now it sounds like it's dying

To its siren-like call you are drawn
Oblivious to warnings of harm

Are you happy now?
Now you've got what you wanted

You want to see the magic return
But you will only see it cursed and spurned
When will you ever learn that I hate every second

The life that we lived has moved on
The people we were then are gone
But the fire that we carry flames on
It still burns but in a different way

So to hell with old heartaches and deaths
Misfortunes, mistakes and regrets
There's fresh problems and I want fresh solutions

Shall we dance? Like we used to
Shall we dance? Just like the old days

Hanging on to hope and a handful of chances
Because if you take away the future
Then the present collapses