Orange Goblin

Rage Of Angels

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I am the law!
Don't you understand? I represent the Law!

Well piss on ya, and piss on yer law


The bigger the battle, the better the man
Bigger's the man with the gun in his hand

Hard is the hunt for the man with no name
The sun never sets on the last of the brave

Shootin' the dice with the Lord of the Flies
Bowing your head to the God you despise

Choosing to live for the freedom of sin
You're closing your eyes but you're spreading your wings

The fire in your heart's like the fire of the gun
It's lost in the battle, now the war has begun

And I cannot resist the desire to burn
Like a child lost in hell, I've got so much to learn

Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Feel the rage of the outlaw messiah
Hey, yeah
Take a bullet to take you higher
Not a drug that can stop me from breathing
Not a drink that I haven't had
Not a man will be left standing
I'm the king, a man born bad

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