Barry Manilow

Real Live Girl

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Pardon me miss,
but I've never done this with a real live girl.
What could be harmful in holding an armful
of real live girl?
Pardon me if your affectionate squeeze
fogs up my goggles and buckles my knees.
I'm simply drowned in the sound
and the sight and the scent
and the feel of a real live girl.
Nothing can beat getting swept off your feet
by a real live girl.
Dreams in your bunk don't compare with a hunk
of a real live girl.
Girls were too girlish was once my belief.
What a reversal and what a relief!
I'll take the flowering hat and the towering heel
and the squeal of a real live girl.
I've seen photographs and facsimiles
that have set my heart off in a whirl.
But I'd overlook everyone in the book
for a real live girl.
Take your Venetian or Roman or Grecian
ideal live girl.
Go be a holdout for Helen of Troy.
I am a healthy American boy,
and I'd rather gape at the dear
little shape of the stern
and the keel of a real live,
full-time vocational, all-operational girl.

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