James Taylor

(I'm A) Road Runner

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Money, who needs it?
Just to live my life
Free and easy
Put the toothbrush in my hand
And let me be travelin', man
'Cause I'm a roadrunner, baby
I'm a roadrunner, baby
Can't stay in one place too long
I'm a roadrunner, baby
Mess with me and I'll be gone
You can love me if you wanna
But I do declare
If I get restless
I've gotta move somewhere
I'm a roadrunner, baby
Can't find my home (no!)
And I love the life I live
And I'm gonna live the life
I love
Roadrunner, baby
Don't a-want no woman
Just have me bound
Got to be free, baby
To roam around
All my life
I've been like this
If you love me
It's your own risk
When the dust hit my shoes
I got the urge to move
Said, I'm a roadrunner, baby
Just keep on, keepin' on
And I live the life I love
And I'm gonna love the life
I live
Yes, I'm a roadrunner, baby

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