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Nameless roads
Where you takin´ me to
Now we´re movin´ into country
These boots ain´t traveled through
And I´m losing all my heart
By going on
But the point of no returning
Is long gone
Hungry roads
Something feels mighty wrong
First you came to own my body
Now you´re out to get my soul
And I can´t tell which is you
And which is me
And I only have the hope of feeling free
Everybody´s calling out directions
Telling me which way I oughta go
Now I never had a mind
That took too kindly to direction
But lately I don´t know
I just don´t know
Lonesome roads
Are you anywhere bound
Does a man have to admit he´s lost
Before he can be found
When the miles keep rolling by
And he´s scared and he don´t know why
Does he come right out and shout
I need a friend
Or does he let his roads
Just take him to the end

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