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And everytime she say it I keep thinking Indos
So now I'm thinking chicken with a UK pasho
Just a hood nigga with a different type of taste, man
But she fuck with me cause she know I ain't a waste, man

Rap Frank Zappa, stepping on it like a capo
Even at your pastor, say I got the Master Blaster
Purple like a Raptor jersey, Hershey and the Swisher Sweet
Pistol speak, if you don't listen nigga that ass'll leak
Master beef, Green Beret your style flow, casualty
Drastically, streets is saying that hip hop needed me
I'm the majesty so greet me as your highness
Sipping on the Heineken while blowing on the finest
Minusing your pocket while I'm clearing up your sinus
Hoes use vaginas try to set us up and line us
My nigga roll the chronic
Smoking on some thunder from the land of supersonic
One puff can make you vomit, but I can face a whole one
Call my nigga up when I'm broke, let me hold one
And I'm owed one, like to pop another
But I ain't feeling yet dawg, so let me pop another

Danny Brown the Hybrid, pilot violet to the white kids
I'm psychic, knew these bitches suck my dick and she did
I'm violent, fist go in your mouth like trident
She tried it, hit me up and came back for seconds
I wrecked it, rappers soft and have no progression
Correction, killing shit nigga, adolescence
Connection, y'all niggas begging
Testing at the dinner, turn your ass to breakfast
Intersection like some bitch undressing
Dick hurt from texting
Slurping on the exit
Gave a pearl necklace
Now where the next bitch, they all want to text this
And hope I'm sexing this
The right message, because I'm on some next shit
Caress this, put they mouth on it, put their neck in it
Desperate, spray up in their hair like nexus
Question, anybody know where the ex is? (where the ex at?)