Abysmal Torment

Scorched Beneath Flaming Wings

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In due time when lastly I become Death
Death will be the seed from which I grow
Animated by ardent conflagration
I am all you so heatedly strove for
Now filled with regret wail in desperation
For all shall vanish in one violent roar
For Death needs time for what it kills to grow in
This endless viral replication of life-in-death
The furnace of millennial pressures
Scorched beneath flaming wings
Virulently explodes in vengeful wrath
scorched Beneath Flaming Wings
A Heated pyroclastic flow that purges
Scorched Beneath Flaming Wings
Consuming all standing in its path
scorched beneath flaming wings
The wings of death
Unfurl with a cry of war
Now filled with regret
Behold the Phoenix soar
Now I am become Death destroyer of Worlds
Flirting with possibilities beyond hate and bliss
Placing illusion in the fiery grave as it belongs
Into scorching fire all shall find their desired peace
A flame of omnicidal candour
Embracing all in grandeur
Scorching bonds in rapture
Nothing but glowing stupor

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