Shut Me Out

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pressure cooker about to explode
the ignorant ones are litenin to fools
radical factions add fuel to the fire
to satisfy their hateful desire
we as the innocent suffer the most
paying for crimes we did not commit
here to serve penance for historys sins
detested for something weve never been
all their grandstands, all their big plans
didnt change a damn thing
how could you explain
i dont know your pain
understanding how you shut me out
trust - is lost - well gain it back
give us the chance
look in our past and what do you see
history of violence for centuries
the truth isnt written in historys page
this is the source of frustration and rage
we have no rights to ask for your trust
to gain your acceptance well do what we must
well make a stand for whatevers right
well make a stand equal and tight
shut me out dont you
shut me out dont you
shut me out dont you
shut me out