A Storm Of Light


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Tides are warming brother
and soon you'll be coming home
my salten veins have found you
and they bring you back here to me

your arms embraced them
and left me all alone
a million years of reign
and now it is my turn to rise

fall down and give yourself
rise with me
endlessly we will crush
suffocate and ruin
come home to me and rise

and we have wept for them
swallowed them
dissolved their black hearts
and saved mother
from their crimes against us

rest down your knives
sink into me
as one we rise
and bring them all
into our hearts

ocean mountains of mass
and larger we become
our waves will embrace all
and turn their scars into dust
together we will put their
souls to rest
under us

we have their ships of violence
held tight and rusting

we have their towers of greed
held bent and tangled

crystalline waves of our bodies
come for you
rise for you