La barbera

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In Paris there is a barber
more beautiful than a clear day
and as they say she is so beautiful,
well, I want to go there.

I went there in the evening
to arrive as the sun came up,
the barber was at the window
and asked me: “Young man, what do you want?”

“I would like you to trim my beard,
if it’s not too much to ask”.
“I have all the razors ready,
the gallant young man can come in”.

“While she was trimming my beard
I turned pale three times”.
“Perhaps I hurt you with the razor”.
“No, my pretty, it’s your love”.

“My love” she answered,
“my love if far from here;
a great ship took him,
took him out to sea.

“The sailors that sail the ship
are dressed in red velvet.
And the captain that commands them
has my love forever more”.

Autor(es): Maria Aurèlia Capmany, Popular catalana

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