Aaron Tippin

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

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This street that we live on
Aint no yellow brick road
And this pay check, that i bring home
Sure aint no pot of gold
When people dream they don't wish they were up
They don't know we got more then enough
Somewhere under the rainbow
Watchin the late show and livin on love
Dancin slow to the radio, just holdin on
Somewhere under the rainbow
Some folks spend there whole life, dreamin about the other side
Well there aint never far, that old blue birds fly
But i'll take forever, were the skys aren't always blue
when i'm in your arms, I know dreams come true
Somewhere under the rainbow, watchin the late show
Livin on love, and dancin slow to the radio
Just holdin on, somewhere under the rainbow
Somewhere under the rainbow, yes watchin the late show
And livin on love, and dancin slow to the radio
Yeah holden on, somewhere under the rainbow

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