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No more letters to the President, this one is to Jehovah
What was born into the world as a Christian, now becomes a soldier
I'm pimping a pen from living in sin, so niggaz like my song
Chef Ro-V up in the kitchen, so these cluckers like my stones
Mo City Texas that's my home, but I'm known to be a loner
Never no witness to this crime, when I'm creeping the fuck up on you
1 by 1 and a cigarette, maybe Newport shorts and a box of possibly Kool
Just a nigga do anything to get paid, they say I'm a god damn fool
I conversate with mama, but she can't answer me back
I'm in a world one deep missing that lady, cause that cancer did that
It got a nigga looking for a wife, but most of these hoes be living shife
Wait till a nigga get paid then get leid, and try to take a nigga life
I just can't take no more my heart is broke, and it got too many cracks
Any woman I love don't need a pistol, cause she be killing me with that
So look into my eyes, and please tell me what you see
Will they open the pearly gates for me, I wanna be free

(Hook - 2x)
I wonder if the sun shines, on the other side
Cause I bet my mama, ain't seen a rainy day since she died
And maybe being gone, ain't all that bad
It's gotta be better than wasting time, with a pen and a pad

Living in poverty, ain't part of the plan
So I'm on the corner, hustling with work in my hand
I know my mama, wouldn't approve of my lifestyle
But see I must get it the way I live, and that's right now
My nigga my credit's fucked up, so I can't put nothing in my name
Let alone I'm having hard times, maintaining some change
I'm so familiar with anger, smoking B can't even stop the pain
I walk assured, God please stop the rain
While I'm fiending for heaven, seem like hell is what I'm living
For my destiny's to die, or forever walk the prison floor
How can I be a man, 24 with no home
I'm putting the piece to your dome, and leaving it like the ozone
A cold cold world, that we living in
Killas'll take your life, and it ain't gotta be about no divid-ends
Forgive me for my sins, I'm just trying to make it
Trying to keep my pistol from my head, cause I just can't take it

(Hook - 2x)

I wonder if the Lord, is gonna show me some compassion
Or will I be victim to motherfuckers, when they blasting
Having flashbacks of '94, with bullets to the back
Cause my homies left me lonely, now my partna is my strap
Living everyday like it's my last one, so I'm tripping
Keep my finger on the trigga nigga, everytime I'm flipping
I don't wanna be another face, on a T-shirt
So when motherfuckers bring the drama, me and Nina burst
Know I need to be in church, but I'm trapped out on the block
Pumping rock after rock, God please make it stop
I'm a victim of the struggle, trying to make my life easy
But it ain't what I expected, it's hectic it's sleezy
I'm on my knees daily, asking God to stop the pain
Dealing with all this damn strain, see my pistol see my brain
About to take my final stand, I'm a man in his own mind
Steady hurting, but I hope I heal in time

(Hook - 2x)