Marvin Gaye


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She's only known as symphony
Crept Crept into the soul of me
Symphony yeah
She's sort of like a song
She moves along
In perfect rhyme
Oh la la
Right now feel perfect time baby
You and me to slip away slip away
Let our song begin to play
Yeah baby

Make me the one darlin'
Only one who know the bliss
Of knowin' when to kiss
All the love of
Symphony Symphony

Like violins music begins
It starts to swell
Then I can tell
That pretty soon
We gonna be in tune
Our hearts will be
In perfect harmony

Got my heart hit like a tender beat
Boom Boom
When you want me send for me
Cha cha
And I'll come and love you tenderly
Hey Oh Oh Oh
I'll do the things girl
Oh makin' you feel
That my love is for real
For You
Symphony Symphony
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Do the thing makes you feel
That I love you Darlin'
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

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