Against Me!

Tearing Down The Walls

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Mind game after mind game
For the head-trip after all the shit.
One step in advancement
Numb to everything.
Searching for the result
Striving for resolution, offering no solution
Just more dogma for confusion.
Fill you full of promise with your back against the wall
Interpret a hopeless freedom where chains liberate the soul
Answers to silent questions from the idols of the dark

First present solution then we'll see about tearing down the walls...

Health all alone you find there's nothing left to fear
With the one exception of the message they conceal.
Face placed on the master you find the mirror brings disgust
From the confines of this entrapment you can justify anger as lust.
Blatant disregard to the feelings within
Selling your own soul condescending nature flowing within.
You can hate the system
Search for bricks to smash the state
But what's the point of revolution when no one can relate?
For the finger falls one person short,
the crosshairs turned around and you cry war.

First present solution then we'll see about tearing down the walls.

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