A.j. Mclean

Teenage Wildlife

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She’s gonna flash her eyes under moonlit skies
He’s gonna meet her there under the exit sign
Yeah, they both look good they need to be seen
He’s a James Dean rebel, she’s a beauty queen
Lets dance, lets dance

She wants to go all night, he wants to make no sense
She wants to feel his kiss, it’s so much better tensed
She says “trip the lights”, that’s what she said
And now she’s in his head, she’s in his head
Lets dance and let the world fall apart


Cause I need you tonight
Just howl at the moonlightI say it two times
I love you, I love you
Cause it feels like
Savage uncivilized
A teenage wildlife
I love you, I love you

She says “I get so bored living in this place
We all need to go where the music plays”
All night, so lets dance

He said “Life’s a cage, lets jump the fence
All I want is you and lets forget the rest”
Lets dance, and let the world fall apart


And we fall from the sky when we hear the sound
Go on for miles but won’t hit the ground
Don’t be afraid, they can’t catch us now
Cause baby we are teenage wildlife


I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you