Demis Roussos

Tell Me Now

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Pardon me if I disturb you for a little while,
I won't keep or delay you,
Can't afford your time,

But if you cared to tell me,
What happened to your smile,
Are you so blind you can see,
All the things that bind you,
Tel me now.

Where's the time you should have taken,
For a friendly sign,
Were you ever half mistaken,
Did you care to find,
Look at your hands and tell me,
How many times they gave,
More than your share,
If once free shall you try and same me,
Tell me now.

And trouble times are over,
Tell me what to say,
Tell me now.

Pardon me but you seem worried,
Could I be the cause or reflections left in flurry,
Is it just because,
You saw it all before me,
But never dated to try,
You ran away now tell me,
Can you find a reason

Tell me now,
Tell me now,
Tell me now,
Tell me now.

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