The Cure

Temptation Two (Aka Lgtb) [R.S. Studio Demo 7/82]

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Touch me cold
And inviting
Hope saves, if you'd rather go
To my hand or
And watch the unknown suicide

Oh, another trip to heaven
Tear it in the velvet lining
Limbs in the shape of temptation
Sex and parlor eyes
See the sound of blood and sweat
This is oh, my time
Just bless me father
And change into a ??
Change into a

Come to my house
It's a lifelong statues
And sleep to
What is always taking to
My ??
Sleep into temptation

I always sliding into your way
Time to bless me father
Try and out to
Change into
I change into a man

As life is for talking
Found a way underneath
The actor of me swims
He holds me down
Holds me down
Pictures of him
Turn him into

Birds outside are going
Into her hair
Into her face
Makes me space