Aesma Daeva

The Loon

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Upon the lake, upon the windless water
Swim down to me, beautiful bird
Mercy, stay not forever out of reach
I hear, I hear your evening song

Watered in blood in which I sink and drown
In flesh and by shackled flora bound
Feed the ache of this exile's alien song
I hear, I hear your evening song

Spirit bird, unbind my withered limbs
And cut me from this torment
Unchain me
Mercy, don't abandon me

Arrayed in pearl, blushing illuminate
Deep wounds, vast seas that rack and crush
Moonlight upon my throat
Tempest black

Mercy, stay not forever
I suffer your endless song
Here I choke

Replume, refire, ravage my unholy ghost
My heavenly mate, burning bright
Bloat and cry out, flame in the infinite
For all the world is spirits furnace

Old age, my god, love and white this blizzard night
All songs strangle under ice, flame out and die
Forsaken evermore; linger frozen everlasting song