A Hill To Die Upon

The Perfection Of Evil

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"the serpent is alluded to in many passages in the
Bible, and nearly always for its typical qualities, or
Habits, as intensifying similar things in the human family."
- smiths bible dictionary, serpent
Worship in silence
The god who smote the dragons mouth
Wisdom from the sand
God of all the land
Orthodox alchemy
Mystic ways i have sought
Mystic signs have i wrought
Diasos anthropos!
I am my fathers son
Diasos anthropos!
I shall transcend the sun
Auriel, despise thee
Gabriel, take hold
And michael, aside me
Raphael behold
Legions of the new world
From sea to blackened sea
Show the mark upon thy brow
In this land i sing
The song of the desert
Among the sands in the middle of the east.

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