Chris Rea

'til The Morning

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We all know so well
Everywhere I go
She's only one step behind
I could search the world over
But I'll never be free
'Til the morning sun shines
Oh my love, and me

I have taken so many
Turns on this road
I don't know east from west
North or south which is best?
I will never know now
The best way to be
'Til the morning sun shines
Oh my love, and me

I went looking for my home
On a cold winter's day
Waved goodbye to my best friend
As he faded away
Somewhere between fortune and reason to be
I found out there was only one thing
That really mattered to me

Oh the busted and the lonely
Are my only true friends
Feel like a wounded old fighting dog
Waiting for the end
I've exchanged all my victories
For just a short time to see
The morning sunrise
On my love, and me