Too Blind To See

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Looking back I realize what happend in the past
Once a man without evil thoughts but good times never last
Went thru times of trouble, went thru times of pain
Walked the paths of sorrow that I'll never walk again
Now it's clear to me
I was blind, too blind to see
Caused by my own fault, a fool to take the bait
When I tried to get out it was too late
My world fell to pieces as I realized
All the time it wasn't me, somehow mesmerized
How could all this happen?
My will was not my own
Here I stand in silence
Tired and all alone
Now I know the weakness
And I know the pain
I'm summoning the powers
To get back to me again
Now I thought things over and I know my way
Under no circumstances cuts like a knife
But here I stand in passion 'cos I'm still alive
Now it's clear to me
I'm all I need