To The Extreme

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Just think how easy it would be if we had
Not just time on our bends but some in a bag
We could for Instance if there's no time to spare
Take out the bag end use some up from in there
There's nothing I like more then anything else
Better then any dream
You loving me me loving you
To the extreme
What does it matter getting marks out of ten
Numbers are pointless as far as you're concerned
You couldn't measure how good you are for me
It's not impossible although possibly
I'm never surprised at the levels we've reached
That's bow ifs always been you
Loving me me loving you to the extreme
It's not the limit but as you well know
If one exists then we passed it long ago so long ago
I make no apologies for this remark dirty
Or net it's clean
You loving me me loving you to the extreme

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