Adrenalin O.d.

Trans Am

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So you just graduated from high school,
and Daddy bought you a brand new Trans Am,
it's the really cool black one with the big bird painted on the hood,
and the fancy wheel with the tires with the letters on the,
and those things in the back, you don't even know what they're called.
Don't worry, no one'll notice, just buy a Playboy bunny air-freshener,
a few stuffed animals, fuzzy dice, a stick-on rainbow for the back window,
and everyone'll love your brand new car.
But why do you take up three parking spaces?

Driving the car don't make you cool,
Guy behind the wheel is still a fool

I hate Trans Ams they look like shit,
I hate T.A.'s the driver's a prick

It's your last summer in town until you go off to college,
might as well have as much fun now as you can, bummer, man,
you had to buy your own personalized license plates,
but Mom is paying for your insurance, so you don't have a worry in the world,
except maybe gas money, and I bet you can pick up lots of really sweet babes
in your brand new Trans Am, maybe even the entire cheerleading squad,
and they'll just love your brand new car. But you ain't goin' nowhere.