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Calling, it's calling, I can't stay here
...Knowing there's no higher
Going, I've gone for many years...
...Going makes me tired.
And they said it was this and they said...

But it's...

Call for me Jesus, I'm waiting here
Knowing I'm a liar
Knowing I've known more than half my share...
Knowing bade tis triumph
...and they said it was this
...and they said it was that

But it's...

Hooray for Dr. Young
Hooray for earth born and son
Hooray the time has come...
We vanish once again

One word - Collective

Never going to die, we're always gonna live forever... ever... Every day
With my skies of grey. In my fields of green...

I've been all I've been
Only for the ego in me
Hide from the apocalypse around

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