10 Cc

Une Nuit A Paris

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Bonjour monsieur
Paris really welcomes you
It's the best room in the house (she lied)
It's forty francs a night, alright?
It's crazy, it isn't worth a centime
I'll take it!
Merci Monsieur

Offstage Chorus:
Rouged lips in the gaslight
A great view of the hall
That's the way the croissant crumbles after all

Paris is only one step away
Les girls are out on bail
Tres bien there's love for sale
Oh my cheri, wish you were mine
And I'll show you a wonderful time
For the price of a cheap champagne
I'll show it you once again

Voice of the Streets:
One night in Paris
Is like a year in any other place
One night in Paris
Will wipe the smile off your pretty face
One girl in Paris
Is like loving every woman
One night in Paris
One night in Paris
One night in Paris
May be your last!!!