Chris Rea


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There's a road that I know,
always whispers your name
Now it's a dusty old track,
that died without you
Until the day I'm gone forever
and these fields have turned to dust once more.
I pray I dream,
that you're still here
with me.

All the good times we had,
as we kidnapped the spring time
Laying traps for whoever,
dare come by or way,
And I am standing by the river
that once laughed so loud for you,
now he is asking
where his friend
has gone.

They tell me
you're happy
and your cold is now clean
and the place where you sleep,
is warm to your name
And the little our soul
have found shaking in fear
is lost without memory.
I only whish you were here,

Now the lanes are all empty
and the summer is gone,
did we scare her away?
And I did not get to see you
chasing cars in the quite snow.
I pray I dream
we're in those fields
once more.

So I will drink to the days
when those fences were for jumping
and your endless mischief told me
to laugh at the rain.
And I thank God he send two angels,
and they give you all the love you need.

I only whish that you where here with me,
I only whish that you where here with me,