Pleasure and love

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Pleasure and love, from which great desire springs,
and hope, coming through all these steps,
are my delights, but I am troubled by
the fear of evil which weakens my tender flesh,
and brings unceasing smokeless fire to the heart
and the heat does not show on the outside.
Help me within the space of an hour,
for these signs show that I won't live long.
The wise doctor doesn't take lightly the case
in which the heat doesn't show on the outside.
The ignorant one sees the patient isn't hot
and thinks he is healthy by the touch.
Weakened and with stumbling tongue,
the patient can't explain what is wrong;
gestures and colour show
his anguish as plainly as if he said it.
My wise Lady, I needn't tell you I love you
because I feel sure you already know it,
although you show that you don't understand
the reason why love is unequal.

Autor(es): Ausiàs March, Raimon

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