Whenever angry you seem to us to be

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Whenever angry you seem to us to be,
this only is our ignorance at fault;
your will shows clemency in all it does;
what we think bad is ineffable good.
Forgive me, Lord, if ever I accused you,
for I confess myself the guilty one;
I have judged all you do with eyes of flesh.
Only give light to the eyes of my soul!

All I do is contrary to your will,
my own false friend, enemy to myself.
Help me, Lord, since you see me in these straits!
That you’ll my merits judge brings me to despair;
I loathe each passing day my life goes on,
and yet I dread its coming to an end.
I live in anguish, with no firm intent:
even now in me I sense a change of will.

Autor(es): Ausiàs March, Carles Dénia

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