I grieve to see my life draw near its end

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I grieve to see my life draw near its end;
yet, for all my grief, I cannot love you -
not as I would: habit is against me,
and I am burdened with such weight of guilt.
Many did not serve you, yet you have done
for them no less than what I ask for me;
I beg you, Lord, to come into my heart,
since some you entered more vile still than mine.

Christian I am, and yet the warmth of faith
can never melt my senses’ lingering chill,
and these I follow in everything I do;
my faith’s in Heaven, which reason confirms.
My spirit’s in readiness; but I must drag
the body where my other part awaits.
Send, Lord, the fire of faith to succour me,
and let it scorch the part that’s set in ice.

Autor(es): Ausiàs March, Carles Dénia

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