Marvin Gaye

What's The Matter With You Baby

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[Both:] Wo wo wo...
[Him:] What's the matter with you, baby, what's the matter?
What did I do wrong?
[Her:] Do you really wanna know?
[Him:] I wanna know, what's the matter with you, baby?
[Her:] You know that you done me wrong
[Him:] Sorry, didn't mean no harm
Oh baby, let me take you out tonight
Make every little thing all right
[Her:] You know you told me there would never be another
And you know you lied
When you lied, you hurt me, baby
[Him:] When I left and I went away
I didn't know how much I loved you until today
[Her:] Oh baby, leavin' me wasn't right
And now you wanna take me out tonight
[Him:] Mary, won't you let me get on your good side?
[Her:] If I did that, Marvin, it would hurt my pride
[Him:] Hey, let me make it up to you if I can
[Her:] I can't do it, don't you understand?
[Him:] What's the matter with you, baby, what's the matter?
[Her:] I told you that you done me wrong
[Him:] Well, can you forgive me, Mary, please forgive me?
[Her:] I'll try, but it'll take some time
[Him:] Hurry up, hurry up, before I lose my mind
[Her:] I've got a feelin' everything is gonna work all right
But you can't take me out tonight
[Both:] Wo wo wo... (and fade)

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