I beg your pardon

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Meditation, with a few rhymes, about the atomic theory as it's referred to in the press.

When the centre of the world
is not really you
(however much you might think so),
if they wake you in the middle of the night,
don't ask yourself why you're alive:
distract yourself by chewing at a fingernail.

When the centre of the world
is so far away
from you
so that honestly
you begin to know that you are nobody,
stop for a moment
and hit the first nose with your fist.

Problems every time more evasive
come to disturb your sweet sleep.
All that is lacking, from what you say,
is to see you aren't the centre of the world.

Relative from Badalona or Istanbul,
whether you are busy or lazy,
in our world with no tomorrow
it's hard to earn a living.
I won't give you the slightest comfort,
they will want you any day.
But in the meantime avoid problems,
by doing up your trousers right.

Autor(es): Salvador Espriu, Raimon

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