Beginning of the song in the temple

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Now you say. "The broom is in flower,
everywhere the fields are red with poppies.
With a new scythe we begin to reap
the ripened wheat, and with it, the weeds".
Ah, young lips unfolding after
the darkness, if you knew how slow the dawn
has been in coming, how long is the wait
for a show of light in the darkness!
But we have lived to save the words for you,
to give you back the name of each thing,
so that you follow the straight path
leading to complete dominion over the earth.
We looked far away into the desert,
we went down to the bottom of our dream.
Dry wells became peaks
climbed by the steps of slow hours.
Now you say: "We listen to the voices
of the wind on the high seas of grain".
Now you say: "We will remain faithful
forever more to the service of this people".

Autor(es): Salvador Espriu, Raimon

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